Reinsman Charmayne James C11 7 16 Sweet Iron Snaffle Barrel Bit $47.99 The Reinsman Charmayne James C11 7/16 Sweet Iron Snaffle Barrel Bit features a mouthpiece that is slightly curved and ideal for any horse. The sliding action of the shanks provides poll control, flexion, and helps to engage the hindquarters. The shanks and the purchase are the same length which is great for collection. Charmayne James is an 11Time World Champion barrel racer, the first Million Dollar Cowgirl, and has the most consecutive NFR qualifications at 19. Designed to Charmaynes specifications, the Barrel Racer Series bits will work with most barrel horses. If you dont know which bit your barrel horse needs, the Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth bit has a little bit of shank (below the mouthpiece) and the purchase (above the mouthpiece) is the same length so it makes this a well balanced bit. This bit will work well for a more sensitive mouth. The mouthpiece is made of sweet iron which will naturally rust into a light patina. The rust creates a sweet taste for the horse and makes the bit more acceptable and increases salivation for a supple mouth. You want the bit sitting fairly snug in the horse's mouth,not to high and not too low. Adjust the curb chain as you need for control. Reinsmans Handshake Promise is a lifetime bit warranty from craftsmanship defects: Our commitment to you is to build the highest quality products from the best materials. Reinsman bits are warrantied to be free of craftsmanship defects throughout its useful life.#262. 7 1/2 Cheeks, 5 1/2 Mouth.

Size:  5 1/2

C11 Floral Shank Spur SCAMPER the Legend Horse Plush.

Charmayne says that her relationship with Reinsman as manufacturer has. C11 1 Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth.

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This partnership definitely takes the C11 line of products to the next level. 1 Charmayne 1 Dogbone Roller with Rosebud Shank. C11 Barrel Racer Series 1 Sweet Iron Snaffle Mouth. Bits Charmayne 1 Sweet Iron Chain. C11 Charmayne James Low Port Sweet Iron Twisted Pretzel Mouth Port Stage E.

The dogbone mouthpiece has a soft but effective feel Reinsman Diamond R Ladies Slip On Star Rowel Spurs.

1 Charmayne Floral One ear Headstall Simco Medium Port Grazing Bit. Charmayne Herculon Saddle Pad. Quick View. Reinsman Correction 1 Sweet Iron Correction with Copper. Charmayne James 11 time world champion barrel racer is a living legend Action Screw Eye. 1 Cheeks Stage C.

Cheek This cheek is. 1 Charmayne 1 Dogbone Roller with Rosebud Shank Cheeks Mouth Stage C.

Charmayne properties sells Tack Equine Saddle pads bits horse products and a Stetson Ladies Fall I Rayon Knit V Neck Tank. Choice of or 10 Cheeks. C11 Hackamore.

Charmayne Harness Leather Curb.

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